WTS Cape Town – Race Report

My last local race for the season was Sunday where I competed in the WTS Cape Town Triathlon. It doubled up as the South African champs for the Para Triathletes so was important as I needed to secure more points towards my Rio qualification.

I was feeling confident about the race so I was relaxed. Meeting several people who were attempting their first triathlon, I was briefly reminded of how far I had come over the last 2 years. Remembering how nervous I was about the swim as a beginner.

My race went well although not entirely as planned due to a small glitch. As an amputee, I need to have my prosthetic waiting for me at the swim exit. Normally the exit is next to the start. On Sunday it wasn’t. So I had to rely on a volunteer to take my leg to the swim exit.

Coming out of the swim in first place, I looked for my leg, only to find it lying on the ground and not against the chair as requested. My leg had become soaked as every person exiting the water had wet it without even knowing – the net effect was my leg was soaking wet which is not a good thing. In fumbling with my prosthetic, I accidentally sat on my small towel which I would normally use to dry my leg and prosthetic. Now the towel was soaking wet too. I had no choice but to put my prosthetic on wet and hope for the best.

This obviously meant that I did not have the greatest cycle as I had no ‘pull’ from my right leg. I pushed and gave it my all.
Into T2 I went where I had a second towel waiting for me. A quick dry of my leg and I managed to maintain my first place onto the run. I ran comfortably and knew I just needed to maintain the pace for the win.

Entering into the stadium, the crowd cheered as I made my way onto the blue carpet to once again take the title of PT4 South African Champion.

An even bigger surprise was waiting for me when I was called up onto the podium a second time for also placing 3rd overall in my age group against able bodied competitors. That was most certainly a highlight of my day.

What’s next…..well I’m in Stellenbosch for the next week on a Rio training camp with the rest of the South African triathlon team.

Thanks again for all my supporters and sponsors. Adrian from Aqua Athlete, Warren from Powerblast Training, Brandon from Biogen and No Excuses and Craig from MiWay.
And thank you to Triathlon SA for their support towards My journey to Rio.