WPE – Spain

Going into the WPE Spain I had hopes and dreams of coming out with a 5th or 6th place in the field and earning some great points towards my Rio Paralympic dream.

After much travelling we finally made it to Aguilas where the race would be held. I made sure to get some rest in order to be refreshed and strong for the race. Aguilas has a lifestyle which is very different to what I am used to.


Nobody wakes up until 11a.m and the everyone still has an afternoon siesta before preparing to have dinner at around 22h00, which is normally my bed time. Nevertheless, body adjusted very quickly and I was able to function normally.

Interesting little place with not too much to do. Then again, I was there with only one purpose – to race.

With a great field of competitors, this was going to be a great race as there were more leg amputees than usual on the start list.


I had a great swim. Came out the water 6th/7th alongside JP from USA. Onto the bike I knew exactly what I had to do….just hold it there.

For some reason I just didn’t. I had a very disappointing bike leg and with no explanation and no excuse, I simply had a shit cycle. I dropped 4 places to 11th by the end of the bike leg.


Without ever giving up I knew that I would have to dig deep on the run. I cleared my mind and gave it my all again. Ended up running my 5km pb (21:08). Unfortunately it was just not enough. Today was not my race. I over analysed the entire race, pulling it to pieces to try and grasp what went wrong and can not find anything wrong except that I just need to get stronger on the bike.

It was a disappointing race for me. It was a hard knock. But you know what, that’s the only thing that makes me grow.

Not the result I wanted although I’ll take it with the fact that I had such a great swim and a pb on the run.

Next stop – Strathclyde where I’ll do it all over again, hopefully stronger, faster and a better cycle.


Thank you to all my supporters and sponsors.