WPE – Strathclyde


Note to self. Irrespective of what is said on the starting block – Stay Focused!

This last weekend I found myself in the country side of Strathclyde to compete in the WPE(world para triathlon event) It was honestly fantastic with complimenting weather, great cycle ways and long run paths

If there are three things I learnt about Strathclyde in this short stay, it’s this;

1. After 16h00 it seems to be near illegal for any local male to wear a shirt
2. Tattoos are obviously really cheap because everyone has loads of them
3. This past week was clearly the best weather Strathclyde has seen In a long time. Days where I wore a long sleeve shirt, there were ladies suntanning next to the Loch.


As for the race…

On the starting pontoon I was informed that I will be disqualified as I had opted to not make use of a wetsuit for the swim. The water was 21.5 deg (wetsuit optional).
I panicked.
I ran off the pontoon with the idea in my head that I was going to get my wetsuit, get into it and get back to the start in under 2 mins.
Luckily I was advised by the team manager to go and swim irrespective and we can deal with the DQ after the race.
I ran back, removed my prosthetic, donned my goggles and jumped into the water just in time as the horn blew.

Needless to say, this affected my focus tremendously although I chose to push through and try not think about it.
Out the water and onto the bike. I knew I had work to do. The bike course was tough. One steep climb and one long drag. Times this by four! It wasn’t easy at all.
Got back into transition, shoe on and out onto the run. At this stage I was just concentrating on maintaining my position. I managed to overtake one position on the run to end 14th.

All in all it was a great weekend. As tough as the bike course was, as much as I was thrown completely out of focus seconds before the start, I still managed to pull off a pb! and I’ll take that any day!


Makes me wonder what I actually could’ve achieved! For now though, rest, recover and then repeat next week in France.

As a footnote, I have joined a new movement #iamgrateful – which reminds me to be grateful for everything that I have and can do rather than complain about what I don’t have or haven’t yet achieved.