Only now has the last five years of work paid off….

A good couple of years ago I was asked why I don’t do any Paraplegic sports and my answer was simply ‘I’m happy & fat, why would I want to live such a boring life dedicating my time to training. Life is here to be enjoyed! That’s what I’m doing.’.

Looking back, I wish I could travel back to the 20 year old Stan and give him a smack and show him how much more enjoyable life can be.

I always believed that our National para athletes were born into sport, had wealthy families and loads of money from Government for their achievements. Only now do I realise just how wrong I was. Only now do I realise all the blood, sweat, tears and ridiculous hours of training that goes into becoming a national elite athlete. Only now has the last five years of work paid off…

A few weeks ago I received an email from TSA (Triathlon South Africa) to congratulate me on my Senior Protea colours in Triathlon! Amazeballs!
What an honour to receive an accolade like this. This for the same guy who a few years back had skew priorities towards partying, maintaining an exorbitant waistline and keeping my couch warm.

Up until now there have been many hours, many frustrations, many tears, loads of travelling, tons of learning and racing under pressure… all for this. It’s most definitely worth it!

Thank you to all my supporters, who most days inspire me just as much as they claim I inspire them. Thank you to the awesome sponsors who believe in me, it is highly appreciated. To my close friends and family, thank you for putting up with my moods and moaning.
Of course a huge thank you to my wife Melissa who makes it all work and my two beautiful daughters, Olivia and Hannah who often miss daddy due to training, travelling and racing. I love you 3!

I can honestly say this is by far my best personal achievement ever.

I look forward to the next season of Triathlon and promise to hold the SA name high.