Dropped 7 minutes of last weeks time!

Summer series again

Found myself back on the start line this Sunday for my second Summer Series Triathlon. Conditions were awesome! The sea was flat and I was allowed a wet start to help me not to have to hop into the surf (always a challenge).

Set off by the starter gun my heart was racing as I tried my best to get ahead of as many athletes as possible. Swim went well and I was out the water in under 12 mins. The lifeguard handed me my cycle leg and I was on my way to transition. It's quite a lengthy run to the transition although I was relieved that I didn't need my crutches. 

Through transition 2 as fast as possible and onto the bike to push the power and drop some watt bombs. It’s a draft legal race and was quite excited when I managed to hook onto the pack of a four man pack that seemed determined to keep the average above 30km/h. We all worked together to make the cycle as manageable as we could. 20km out and 10km back and I was entering transition in a fasted time than I had planned.
Cycle leg off and running blade on and it was time to put my best foot forward, the fast one. At this stage the temperature had risen considerably and things were heating up on course too. Thank goodness I remembered sun block.
Trying to keep my pace to below 5min/km I pushed through the fatigue in my legs and the scorching sun on my back. Starting lap two, and a loud cheer from the supporting crowd reminded me that I had to keep going as fast as I could. As I turned the marker to head home on the final stretch, I glanced over at my watch to see that I had already improved on last week’s time.

Through the finish, hands in the air and a sigh of relief that it was done! I am STILL a triathlete.

Was also super great that I was out competing with some of my friends from JHB who cam down for holiday.

A total of 7 mins improved on my time!


Looking forward to the final Triathlon in the Summer series on 26 December 2019