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Love the feeling of racing again!

I'm loving the feeling of racing again.

Number three in two weeks. Feels awesome to jump straight back into it again. I’m loving the feeling of racing again.
What a great flat ocean swim. I was even allowed to utilize a ‘wet start’ which by no means gives me any sort of advantage, just prevents me having to hop into the surf. Nothing like having 200 wetsuits running at you and then catching up to you in the surf.
Was happy with my swim, leg on and made my way through to transition 1 which felt like about a kilometre away. Rinsed feet off and onto the bike. Raced my way up the – two person draft – which allowed me to take some pressure off my heart rate and breathing. I don’t particularly enjoy draft legal races as I believe it should be ones own effort from training and preparation but it is what it is. I took turns on the front of our now five strong pack. Everyone should at least work a little bit for the group, it’s not just a free ride.
Bike was strong and I was happy. Exhausted but happy.

Leg changed, running shoe on and ready to go. But I couldn’t. I just felt drained. Had a few sips of water and picked myself up reminding myself that it’s only 5 more kms and it’ll be done.
I hated the run. Have no idea why I felt so flat but I did. I was like a disabled turtle in peanut butter. My blade leg also just wasn’t comfortable and I stopped several times to adjust it with no avail.

No other option but to push through to the end and deal with the discomfort later.
1:18:49 to top off the three races off little to no training.

Beyond happy to be back in it again. Onwards and upwards from here folks


Dropped 7 minutes of last weeks time!

Summer series again

Found myself back on the start line this Sunday for my second Summer Series Triathlon. Conditions were awesome! The sea was flat and I was allowed a wet start to help me not to have to hop into the surf (always a challenge).

Set off by the starter gun my heart was racing as I tried my best to get ahead of as many athletes as possible. Swim went well and I was out the water in under 12 mins. The lifeguard handed me my cycle leg and I was on my way to transition. It's quite a lengthy run to the transition although I was relieved that I didn't need my crutches. 

Through transition 2 as fast as possible and onto the bike to push the power and drop some watt bombs. It’s a draft legal race and was quite excited when I managed to hook onto the pack of a four man pack that seemed determined to keep the average above 30km/h. We all worked together to make the cycle as manageable as we could. 20km out and 10km back and I was entering transition in a fasted time than I had planned.
Cycle leg off and running blade on and it was time to put my best foot forward, the fast one. At this stage the temperature had risen considerably and things were heating up on course too. Thank goodness I remembered sun block.
Trying to keep my pace to below 5min/km I pushed through the fatigue in my legs and the scorching sun on my back. Starting lap two, and a loud cheer from the supporting crowd reminded me that I had to keep going as fast as I could. As I turned the marker to head home on the final stretch, I glanced over at my watch to see that I had already improved on last week’s time.

Through the finish, hands in the air and a sigh of relief that it was done! I am STILL a triathlete.

Was also super great that I was out competing with some of my friends from JHB who cam down for holiday.

A total of 7 mins improved on my time!


Looking forward to the final Triathlon in the Summer series on 26 December 2019


Not much makes me feel more alive than a triathlon!

Not much makes me feel more alive than a triathlon!

Over the last two years, this last Sunday (15 December) was my third triathlon. This one in the homeland of the Ironman, Port Elizabeth. Although not the kind of finish time that I’m used to, the build up to this race certainly is something to consider. Changed career, moved family across several provinces! All in the space of 5 weeks.

Naturally when arriving at a place that you have no idea where anything is, no contacts and no friends, it is a bit of a challenge to remain motivated to get out there and train instead of becoming a hermit. 

No better way to get back at it though then to enter a triathlon and hope for the best. Not even sure if was going to complete it off the back of very little training. 

I entered the Summer Series triathlon which is a local sprint distance (yes the little one) triathlon series comprising of four races over a two week period. 

Stan Andrews Tri-athlon

I decided the night before to test fate and to swim using a new pair of goggles which ended up to be a proper disaster. I lost them several times which also meant sea water in my eyes, something I'm not used to at all.
Swim done in what turned out to be a respectable time for me, then onto the 250m transition on my crutches. I can confirm that it is indeed a challenge. Through transition and onto the bike. My comfort zone.

Stan Andrews Tri-athlon

Slight headwind on the way out making me have to work a little more than desired and once around the turn point, came flying back home. With just under 3km still to go, I cam across another athlete who had lost his left crank arm and pedal and was cycling only with his right leg. Knowing this is not a qualifying race, I chose to assist him with a little push back home.

Into transition 2, helmet off, cycle leg off, running leg on and headed out. Only to be called back by my kids shouting that I had forgot my running shoe. What a chop! 

Nevertheless, onto the run, not racing fast pace although also not like a turtle in peanut butter. 

5km later and heard my name being called out as I passed the finish…. Done! 

Although it was a little bit of a ‘sufferfest’ due to lack of training and racing, one thing for sure is that it re-ignited my passion and that’s just one of the reasons I love this sport! I will be back on the start line this Sunday for  in the Series #3. Let’s see if there is any improvement. 

Awesome to #getup and be mobile. Thanks to all those who support me. 

Until next time….

Stan Andrews Tri-athlon


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