Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital

To whom this may concern

Re: Stan Andrews

Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital makes use of Stan Andrews for motivational talks to our team members on a regular basis.

Listening to Stan will leave you with goosebumps, and a feeling that you can make a change.

He has recently done motivational talks to the staff of our medical ward and you could see the positive impact this had

on them from the moment they left the room. He managed to uplift a very broken team and gave them the strength to

stand up and go on again.

His positive spirit and “aliveness” makes his talks so interesting and worth listening to. Stan has a passion for public

speaking and this comes thru in every single session he does.

If there is one thing that will always stay with me from Stan’s talks it is the following:

“You never know who needs you. Good energy is contagious.”

I can recommend Stan as a motivational speaker and can guarantee that you will be ready to take on the world after a


Malissa Dreyer

Patient Services Manager

Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital