Iseo Italy 3-8 July

Following on from the race in Spain, I traveled with the team to our next stop – Iseo Italy. WOW, what a place of beauty!
Lake Iseo is beautiful with the Monte Isola Island accessible by ferry. I was fortunate to be able to run the circumference of the island one of the days as a gentle spin of the legs.

Being on a high from my race in Spain, I had every intention of pushing for a podium finish. I was tuned and ready to go.
Race day was going to be held in the afternoon which is something that does not happen often with swim and bike course familiarization happening in the morning of race day.
Prepped and ready to go, I chose to wear a wetsuit in the wetsuit optional format. It was hot but I wanted the extra buoyancy.

Had a superb swim, exiting the water in 2nd place. Into pre-transition, cycle leg on and off to T1.
Then it happened….
My leg snapped! I almost fell but managed to keep upright. I actually thought I had stepped into a hole. In transition I looked down and assessed the damage. It was broken although it seemed still usable. I was upset, frustrated and disappointed all in one at that moment as I could see the race falling apart from there. Despite these feelings I told myself to never give up and got onto my bike.

Cycling with literally one leg was not what I have ever trained for! Through the several laps of the cycle course I could see how I was simply losing positions. I kept going even with my stump now throbbing from the pain.
Back into transition and I had to make the call – Do I pull out? I just couldn’t. I couldn’t face a DNF (Did Not Finish). In pain and determined I put my running leg on and headed out. I cannot deny it, it was excruciatingly painful. Disaster of a run on top of such bad luck, I ended 10th out of the 14 athletes. Although not ideal, I’m proud to have finished and more than that, didn’t finish last.

So not the result I was looking for although I did have a great race last week in Spain so this was just one of those things.
Our host Guiseppe treated us all to pizza’s at his favorite local spot where my teammate Rowan Kennedy tried to convince the chef to add bacon and banana to the menu of standard options of pizza’s.

What a great trip although I was looking forward to making my way back home. Thank you Iseo – I will be back in 2018 to make my mark!