Love the feeling of racing again!

I'm loving the feeling of racing again.

Number three in two weeks. Feels awesome to jump straight back into it again. I’m loving the feeling of racing again.
What a great flat ocean swim. I was even allowed to utilize a ‘wet start’ which by no means gives me any sort of advantage, just prevents me having to hop into the surf. Nothing like having 200 wetsuits running at you and then catching up to you in the surf.
Was happy with my swim, leg on and made my way through to transition 1 which felt like about a kilometre away. Rinsed feet off and onto the bike. Raced my way up the – two person draft – which allowed me to take some pressure off my heart rate and breathing. I don’t particularly enjoy draft legal races as I believe it should be ones own effort from training and preparation but it is what it is. I took turns on the front of our now five strong pack. Everyone should at least work a little bit for the group, it’s not just a free ride.
Bike was strong and I was happy. Exhausted but happy.

Leg changed, running shoe on and ready to go. But I couldn’t. I just felt drained. Had a few sips of water and picked myself up reminding myself that it’s only 5 more kms and it’ll be done.
I hated the run. Have no idea why I felt so flat but I did. I was like a disabled turtle in peanut butter. My blade leg also just wasn’t comfortable and I stopped several times to adjust it with no avail.

No other option but to push through to the end and deal with the discomfort later. 1:18:49 to top off the three races off little to no training. Beyond happy to be back in it again. Onwards and upwards from here folks